Weeping Water Nebraska

A Town Hall meeting will be held Monday, September 25th at the Hopper Community Center.  Lt. Governor Mike Foley and District 2 State Senator Rob Clements will be there.




MARCH 9, 2015

     Mayor Michael Barrett called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m., on March 9, 2015 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll:  Lawrence Mozena, Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter, and Timron Gilfert.  Absent:  None.  Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the March 5, 2015 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal.  The posted location of the Open Meeting Act was noted by the Mayor.  Motion by Gilfert, seconded by Nutter to approve the minutes of the February 9, 2015 meeting.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.

      Managerial representatives of Martin Marietta Aggregates presented a monetary donation to the Fire Department for equipment needs in appreciation for their services.

     Lisa Scheve, Executive Director of Cass County Nebraska Economic Development Council presented an update on the organization's goals for the ensuing year.

     Monthly Reports:  Fire Department-7 calls during the month.  Motion by Mozena, seconded by Frew to approve the proposal of Langfeldt Overhead Door for the installation of a new overhead door at the Fire Barn, door opener, and six transmitters in the amount of $4,530.00.  Motion carried with all membes of the Council voting aye.  Motion by Gilfert, seconded by Nutter to approve the Application of Jessica DeBaere to join the Fire Department.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.  It was noted that Tom Vodicka recently resigned from the Fire Department, due to relocation.  Members of the Council were advised that a private individual within the County submitted a donation to the Fire Department to be applied toward the purchase of a utility vehicle with a fire/rescue skid and trailer.  Motion by Frew, seconded by Mozena to authorize FEH Billing to continue billing for fire, extrication, haz-mat services and to maintain the existing billing rates for 2015.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.  Rescue Squad-10 calls during the month.  It was noted that TJ Goepfert recently resigned from the Rescue Squad.  Other issues addressed included updates on the NEMSA Conference costs, protocol updates and Medical Director Contract updates.  Copies of the Maintenance Report and the Water/Wastewater Reports were presented by Kurt Powles and Bruce Sorensen, respectively.

      Motion by Gilfert, seconded by Mozena to approve and authorize execution of the proposed Interlocal Maintenance Agreement with Oakwood Cemetery Association.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.

     Three sample of Employee Evaluation Forms compatible to the City's needs were distributed for Council review.

     Discussion was held regarding the notification received that there are no longer any funds available in the Safe Routes to School Grant Program, which means that the City will not be able to receive any of the grant funds that were previously awarded.  Other potential means of funding the proposed project, which would require a sizeable amount of matching funds, were presented, with action being tabled for further review.

      Following a request to allow the raising of chickens within the city limits, a motion was made by Nutter, seconded by Gilfert to have the City Attorney draw up an ordinance to amend the existing ordinance regarding "livestock" to allow residents to raise chickens according to the proposed provisions, which will be presented for public opinion/consideration at the April meeting.  Motion carried with Mozena, Nutter and Gilfert voting aye.  Nays:  Frew.

     Motion by Mozena, seconded by Nutter to set wages for part-time snow removal at $10.00 per hour.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.

     It was agreed to extend the date to receive bids for the operation of the concession stand at the ball park, as there have been no bids received to date.  It was noted that if no bids are received, that the concession stand will not be in operation for the 2015 ball season.

     Following an update on the proposed costs for the water well and system improvements and financing options for the same, a motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Frew to pursue the most feasible option of a 20 year DWSRF Loan at 3% interest, which allows for a 20% loan forgiveness.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.

     Following review of applications received for summer employment positions available, a motion was made by Frew, seconded by Gilfert to hire Mary Mozena as Pool Manager and Sydney Barrett as Assistant Manager and authorize them to hire lifeguards from the applications received.  It was further agreed to authorize a $.25 raise for all returning pool employees.  Motion carried with Frew, Nutter and Gilfert voting aye.  Nays:  None. Abstain:  Mozena, due to conflict of interest.

     Motion by Nutter, seconded by Mozena to hire Justin Moore and Jon Dehne for part-time summer maintenance positions, each at a wage of $8.00 per hour.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.

    Motion by Frew, seconded by Mozena to approve the following claims:  Salaries-9,713.31; Ameritas, emp ret-1,519.15; Best Buy, equip pmt-500.00; Svoboda Chebatoris, prof-955.00; Utilities:  Black Hills Energy-1,244.94; OPPD-3,961.75; Windstream-665.04; Verizon-116.78; DHHS, pool permit-40.00; EFTPS, whlg-2,739.32; Farmers & Merchants Bk, loan pmt-712.49; Nebr. Dept. of Rev., whlg, sales tax-1,729.41; United Healthcare, ins-4,468.30; Cass County Refuse, reimb-8,170.28; PeopleService, prof-13,018.00; Post Office, pstg-245.00; Dana F. Cole & Co., prof-4,500.00; Upton's Market, sup-18.47; K. Gerdes, mlg/mtg-38.08; Wirebuilt, prof-150.00; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-18.00; PalFleet Truck Equip., rep-742..56; NMC Exchange, rep-3,026.91; Troy McCaulley, maint-525.00, FEH Billing, reimb-235.10; Lawn Order, maint-2,022.87; Big Red Electrical, cap imp-1,450.00; General Fire & Safety,maint-121.50; WW Rescue Squad, trng reimb-152.29; Sensus, prof-1,570.34; Olsson Associates, prof-858.35; Cassgram,adv-39.00; Keckler Oil Co., rep-15.00; Reliable, off supp-16.83; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-773.09; L. Fleming, sup reimb-17.11; Matheson Tri Gas, sup-40.32; EMS Billing, reimb-41.49; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-321.13; One Call Concepts, serv-1.50; Meeske Auto Supply, rep-184.67; Stop N Shop, fuel-419.33; Columbus Telegram, publ-45.96; Wex Bank, fuel-149.28.  Motion carried with all members of the Council voting aye.

     The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

/s/ Michael Barrett, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk