Weeping Water Nebraska

A Town Hall meeting will be held Monday, September 25th at the Hopper Community Center.  Lt. Governor Mike Foley and District 2 State Senator Rob Clements will be there.




FEBRUARY 13, 2017

            Mayor Michael Barrett opened the public hearing at 6:00 p.m., on February 13, 2017 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll: Lawrence Mozena, Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter and Timron Gilfert. The posted location of the Open Meetings Act was noted by the Mayor. The purpose of the public hearing was to consider action on a request for a Small Tract Subdivision requested by Floyd Markland, and a Conditional Use Permit requested by Wessels Brothers.

            Notice of the public hearings and the monthly meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the February 2 and 9, 2017 editions of the Plattsmouth Journal as well as being posted in three public places in the City on said dates.

            Members of the Council reviewed the information presented regarding the proposed subdivision and conditional use permit. There being no public objection, the public hearings were closed and the regular monthly meeting was opened with Frew, Nutter, Gilfert and Mozena answering roll. Minutes of the January 9, 2017 were approved as presented.

            A motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Frew to approve an administrative subdivision located in the S.W. ¼ of the S.W. ¼ of Section 25, T.11N, R.11E of the 6th P.M., Cass County, Nebraska. Motion carried with Nutter, Gilfert, Mozena and Frew all voting aye. Nays: None.

            A motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Frew to approve a Conditional Use Permit for self-storage units for property legally described as WEEPING WATER – Heritage Hills 1st Lot 1, Blk 1, commonly known as 110 East F Street. The current Zoning of said Property is B-1, Commercial District. Motion carried with Gilfert, Mozena, Frew and Nutter voting aye. Nays: None.

            No one spoke during Open Forum.

            Monthly Reports: Fire Department-No Fire Report was available at the meeting. It was noted that J. Hanes, N. Markham, D. McKenzie and T. Moore are no longer on the fire department. Rescue Report-9 calls during the month. EVOC Training will be held in the next couple of months. Following the review of the Maintenance Report, presented by Kurt Powles, a motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Gilfert to purchase 5 tons of cold patch and also purchase gloves and safety glasses for the Maintenance Department. Motion passed with Mozena, Frew, Nutter and Gilfert voting aye. Nays: None. Bruce Sorensen presented the Water/Wastewater Report and gave an update on the Water Well Project. Substantial Completion on the project was reached on February 6, 2017. It was noted that this date was over 5 months past the original contract substantial completion date of August 31, 2016. A meeting between the City of Weeping Water, K2 Construction, Olsson Associates and the City Attorney will be held within the next couple of weeks to determine potential liquidated damages. Discussion was held regarding waiving fees for installation of water lines for new businesses being constructed in the city limits. Health Board-Updates were provided and a new complaint was addressed.

            Adding a new street light in the 200 block of West Park Street was tabled for further review.

            Motion by Mozena, seconded by Gilfert to accept the proposal of “Happy Campers” (Travis Hogancamp, Tom Compton, Dwight Wander and Dave Anderson) as Camp Hosts for the upcoming camping season. Motion carried with Frew, Nutter, Gilfert and Mozena all voting aye. Nays: None. The new camp hosts will meet with the Mayor to revise and update the campground rules and regulations.

            Motion by Gilfert, seconded by Mozena to set new umpire fees as follows: $45 for the plate and $20 for the bases for all ages except coach pitch. Coach Pitch will be $45 for the plate, no field umpire. Motion passed with Nutter, Gilfert, Mozena and Frew voting aye. Nays: None. As no other bids were received, the “Close Up” group will manage the concession stand for the ensuing summer ball season and Limestone Days with compensation for the same being $500.

            Discussion was held regarding the Spring Clean Up Day set for April 22, 2017. Two dumpsters will be available with a third brought in if needed. Hours will be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fees will be discussed at the next council meeting.

            Discussion was held regarding the maintenance of Schryder Street and Indian Drive in the Vogler Addition. Per the City Attorney, Dave Chebatoris, the city is responsible for snow removal only, not for maintenance of unpaved public streets. Motion by Gilfert, seconded by Mozena to have the attorney send a letter to Larry Vogler that roads need to be brought up to minimum road standards as stated by Design Associates. Motion passed with Mozena, Frew, Nutter and Gilfert all voting aye. Nays: None.

            Motion by Mozena, seconded by Nutter to approve a 3% increase in the 2017 Rescue Squad Billing Rate Schedule, to the nearest dollar. Motion passed with Frew, Nutter, Gilfert and Mozena voting aye. Nays: None.

            The Clerk was advised to advertise for summer maintenance and swimming pool employment positions as well as a part-time (as needed) library position with a deadline of March 8, 2017 to accept applications.

            In reference to a substantially delinquent Reuse Business Loan, motion by Mozena, seconded by Gilfert to write off the existing loan as uncollectible. Motion passed with all members of the council voting aye.
            Due to fees the city would incur from First Nebraska Bank, motion by Frew, seconded by Mozena to notify customers that the City will no longer accept their utility payments through the bank. Motion passed with Mozena, Frew, Nutter and Gilfert all voting aye. Nays: None.

            The Annual Library Report was presented to the council by Librarian, Aimee Morlan.

            Motion by Gilfert, second by Frew to continue membership in Keep Cass County Beautiful at the Platinum Level with annual dues at $150. Motion carried with all members of the council voting aye.

            Following review of correspondence received, a motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Nutter to accept the following claims: Salaries-8,295.06; Ne Dept of Rev, sls tx, whlg, ldg tx-1,909.70; Ameritas, emp ret-599.05; Utilities: Black Hills Energy-1,453.51; Windstream-579.47; Verizon-139.63; OPPD-4,002.74; EFTPS, whlg-2,387.76; United Healthcare, ins-4,580.10; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-937; PeopleService, prof-13,148; Cass County Refuse, reimb-9,795.55; Post Office, pstg-102; PSN, prof-71.79; Cede & Co, bd pmts-23,188.75; Farmers & Merchants Bank, wr fee, prin pmt-1,045; Miller Monroe Farrell, fire & rescue life & ADD ins-2,268; Riteway Business Forms, cks-159.16; Union Pacific Railroad, rent-500; General Fire, insp-424.50; WireBuilt, prof-150; Columbus Telegram, publ-117.01; Meeske Hardware, maint-251.44; Cassgram, publ-54; Labor Law Compliance, sup-37.95; CCNEDC, qtr dues-500; Office Depot, sup-743.71; WW Express Lane, fuel-176.46; Stop N Shop, fuel-243.01; Meeske Auto, rep/maint-437.41; Husker Chem, sup-317.40; Olsson Assoc, prof-6,439.97; West-E-Con, prof-4,890.66; One Call, lct fees-10.23; Matheson Tri Gas, sup-111.60; EMS Billing, reimb-264.99; BoundTree, sup-1,433.98; UNMC Physicians, qtr pmt-375; DHHS, pool permit-40; R & R Welding, prof-330.75; Murray Bldg Supply, sup-74.98; WinSupply, rep-644.36; Comm Clean, maint-125. Motion carried with Mozena, Frew, Nutter and Gilfert all voting aye. Nays: None.

            The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

/s/Michael Barrett, Mayor

/s/Linda Fleming, City Clerk