Weeping Water Nebraska


FACTS ABOUT WEEPING WATER:   Current Population - 1107;  Governed by Mayor and City Council; City Council Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m., at City Hall.  Current Mayor-Michael Barrett; City Council Members-Ray Frew, Lawrence Mozena, Timron Gilfert, and Kelly J. Nutter.  City Clerk/Treasurer-Linda Fleming, phone (402) 267-5152, Fax (402) 267-5239; City Hall is located at 101 West Eldora Avenue, Mailing Address is P.O. Box 329, Weeping Water, NE  68463.  Office Hours are Mon-Fri. 8a.m.-4 p.m.  City Maintenance Supt:-Kurt Powles, phone (402) 297-5567.                

      ELECTRICAL SUPPLIER – OPPD, Syracuse, NE 877-536-4131 for services.  For outages, call 800-554-6773
     TELEPHONE:  Windstream, phone 800-501-1754
      NATURAL GAS:  Black Hills Energy, phone 800-890-5554
      CABLE TELEVISION:  Zito Media, phone 800-365-6988
      DIGGERS HOTLINE 800-331-5666… Call before commencing any digging/excavation! 

      WATER/SEWER/GARBAGE SERVICES – contact City Hall, 267-5152 to set up service.  Billed by the City monthly by the 10th of every month, with bills being due on the 1st day of the following month.  Water/Sewer Maintenance and Operation contracted through PeopleService-Emergency Contact number-Bruce Sorensen 402-677-0419.


     GARBAGE COLLECTION SERVICES are mandatory and are billed with the water/sewer bills.  Garbage services are contracted through Cass County Refuse.  Garbage should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. every Tuesday morning.  Toters are available for an additional charge. Residents over 65 years of age must notify the City Clerk's Office to  qualify for Sr. Citizen rates.

     CURBSIDE RECYCLING available at no cost and is picked up every Wednesday morning.  Contact City Hall 402-267-5152 to arrange for collection services and to receive more information on a complete list of acceptable recyclable items.

       FIRE/POLICE/RESCUE SERVICE– 911  Non Emergency #402-296-9370          Local law enforcement is contracted through the Cass County Sheriff's Department.
Local volunteers provide fire and rescue services for the city and surrounding area.
Both the Fire Department and the Rescue Squad are always looking for dedicated volunteers, so if you are interested in joining please contact Fire Chief, Daryl Ervin 402-881-7183 for the Fire Department or Rescue Chief, Mickey Cave 402-297-5631 for the Rescue Squad.

       POST OFFICE:  located at 107 N. Commercial, 267-6445, Window hours: M-F, 7:45 a.m.-4:15 p.m.  Closed 12:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. for noon break.  Saturday hours-8 a.m.-10 a.m.  Lobby open 24/7.                                                                                     

     SCHOOL:  located at 204 West O Street, phone 267-2445; Weeping Water Public School K-12, Head Start Program and local Preschool available

     CHURCHES:  St. Paul Lutheran, Christian, United Church of Christ, United Methodist and Faith Missionary.

      LIBRARY: LIBRARY: 101 West Eldora Ave., Suite 2  Phone No. 402-267-3050.  Hours are Monday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tuesday 1 p.m. - 8 p.m., Wednesday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Thursday 1 p.m. - 8 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.  For current information and events, please visit https://www.weepingwaterlibrary.org/

     SWIMMING POOL:  311 West River Street, phone- 402-267-7755.  Usually opens the last weekend in May and closes in August, once school is back in session. Hours:  Sunday-Friday noon-8 p.m., Saturday, 1-5 p.m.  Season passes, private parties, & swimming lessons available. 

     COMMUNITY BUILDING: 101 West Eldora Avenue, Suite 3.  Senior Citizen meals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday noon-Contact Number is 402-267-5303.  The building is also available for rental by contacting the City Clerk at 402-267-5152. 

     CITY AUDITORIUM:  located at 101 West Eldora Avenue is available for rental. Contact 402-267-5152 

     CITY PARKS:  Large picnic shelters are available for use by the public at no charge.  Due to the high volume of usage, the use of the shelter must be reserved in advance by contacting the City Clerk at 402-267-5152.  Camping is available at the City Lake area for nominal fees as posted.

     COMMUNITY WEB SITE:  www.weepingwaternebraska.com

     BUILDING PERMIT INFORMATION:  Contact the City Clerk-402-267-5152 prior to commencing any construction to obtain building permit regulations for the city and/or to obtain a permit application.  Miscellaneous Permits are required for fences, decks and accessory buildings less than 120 square feet and can be handled entirely through the city office.  All other building construction projects require initial application at the City Clerk’s Office, with final approval and all inspections to be handled through the Cass County Zoning Office in Plattsmouth, NE.  Building permits are not required for roofing, siding, window replacement or other remodeling that does not increase the square footage.

       DOGS/CATS:  All dogs and cats at least six months of age must be licensed  by May 1, of each year, regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor pet.  An annual Vaccination and Licensing Clinic is held each spring in Weeping Water.  If you are unable to license your pet on the day of the clinic, you may obtain a current license from the City Clerk by providing proof of current rabies vaccination during regular working hours or by mail. 
     Residents are reminded that all dogs are required by law to be confined or securely fastened by a chain on your own premises.  Walking of dogs on public streets is allowed, provided the dog is under a person’s control with a proper leash.  Owners of dogs found to be running at large can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor and assessed a fine up to $l00.

       PEDDLERS/SOLICITORS – In order to protect the privacy and safety of local citizens, the Weeping Water City Council recently adopted an ordinance prohibiting door-to-door sales or solicitors.  If you should be approached by a solicitor, please report it to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office by calling the non-emergency number at 402-296-9370.  Any details that you can provide regarding personal description, vehicle identification, etc will be helpful for the Sheriff’s Department in tracking these people down.  These provisions DO NOT APPLY to residential sales persons who have an established route, such as Schwans Sales, Avon, etc.  The provisions also DO NOT APPLY to local non profit organizations such as school or church fundraisers.

        YARD WASTE:  Residents are reminded that mowing/blowing grass clippings and/or leaves out into the street is prohibited and can result in fines being assessed. We encourage mulching, but if you have yard waste and/or brush to be disposed of, the City has a site located at the west end of “P” Street. You will need to check out a key at City Hall to gain access to the gated area.




The name ‘Weeping Water” is legendary. According to the legend, two tribes of Indians waged a battle in this valley. The struggle was fierce and bloody, and many braves of both tribes were slain.

That night, in their camps on opposite hills, cries of anguish arose from the squaws and maidens. For hours and hours they wept until their tears began to make trickling streamlets, which flowed down into the valley where they formed a larger stream. The Indians named this stream “Weeping Water,” and it has ever since been flowing.

To this day, it is said, you can sit beside the falls of the Weeping Water Creek and hear the weeping and wailing of the Indian squaws and maidens.


A leisurely drive from either Lincoln or Omaha will bring you to the only town in the United States which bears the name “Weeping Water.” The unique, heavily wooded town is situated on the creek from which it borrowed its name. It is located four miles north of Highway 34 between Union and Lincoln, or two miles east of Highway 50 between Louisville and Syracuse.

The dense woods surrounding Weeping Water paint a beautiful picture, especially in spring and fall. Hidden among the rolling hills are many wild flowers and rare plants. A few hazelnut trees still stand on the side of Cemetery Hill. Local residents refer to Elm Street and N. Commercial by their colorful old names -- Gospel Hill and Chicken Hollow. Oakwood Cemetery, originally a public burying ground, has many old tombstones and provides a beautiful view overlooking the town. Scenic Drive has as much color in the fall as many Ozarks highways. Other modern points of interest are Brown’s Airport and several limestone quarries, which produce crushed rock and allied products and provide industrial activity for this otherwise rural community.

For rock hounds, the creek bed, the quarries, and other places where limestone is exposed are sources of interesting fossils. Some rare fossils from this area are included in the fine collection of Morrill Hall (the University of Nebraska State Museum on the Lincoln Campus). The area is also rich in Indian relics. An outstanding collection, much of which is now housed in the museum of the State Historical Society in Lincoln, has been compiled by the late Dr. L. N. Kunkel of Weeping Water, an authority on the area.

A complex known as the Heritage House Museum includes a building which houses many displays of Indian artifacts and early Weeping Water memorabilia; the Fate House, the oldest Congregational Church parsonage in the State, which looks much like it did in 1866; and the office of Dr. Fate, a homeopathic doctor, furnished exactly as it was at the turn of the century just as the doctor left it -- medicines and all.

The newest museum addition, located on Eldora Avenue and completed in 1994, tells the story of Main Street life in a small town on the Plains before 1930. An early soda fountain, that graced a local confectionery, greets visitors looking for a cool drink. A scale model of the six-block business district as it appeared at the turn of the century is displayed. Staffed by volunteers, Memory Lane is open during the
summer months. A volunteer can be contacted on Saturday mornings at 267-5306.

From 1885-1914 an Academy was located in Weeping Water in the oldest Congregational Church building in Nebraska. The Academy closed in 1914, and three years later the old stone church became the  public library until 2011.

The Weeping Water Valley Historical Society, whose members support the museum, is a good source of information about the city. Special appointments can be made by contacting the Weeping Water Republican newspaper office, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 402 267-2225, or by calling Doris Duff, 402 267-4925.


Cass County’s own live theatre is located three miles north and one-half mile west of Weeping Water on Highway 1. The “Born-in-a-Barn" players stage four productions per year from June to October. Three are comedies and one is a musical comedy. Since it was established in 1977, the Theatre has had more
than 300 different area performers on its stage and provides family entertainment for approximately 10,000 theatre patrons each year. 


Weeping Water celebrates its main industry -- limestone -- once a year with activities including a parade, ball games, kids’ fishing contest, car show, craft show,canoe races, duck races, sand volleyball games, rock Olympics, a street dance, and a large fireworks display. The celebration takes place the last Saturday in June.


The Cass County fairgrounds is located three miles north of Weeping Water. Fair goers can enjoy 4-H and open class exhibits, a parade, and numerous livestock shows during the four-day event during the second week of August.


The Fall Festival is held the last Saturday in September.  Events include Craft show, Car Show, Silent Auction,  Scarecrow Contest, Chili Cook-off, Museum Tours, pumpkin painting and crafts for children, and more


The “Come Home for The Holidays” celebration is  held the 1st Saturday in December. Activities include a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, drawings for prizes, homemade cookie/candy sale, and a craft show.


First Christian
Faith Missionary
United Methodist
First Congregational-UCC
St. Paul Lutheran (Missouri Synod)

Services Available in Weeping Water:

Airport (sky diving)
American Legion Club
Auto parts store
Auto repair shop
Banks and loan offices
Beauty shops
Building and construction firms
Car wash
City park and fishing lake
Community center
Community theater
Convenience store
County offices;
  Cooperative Extension
  Emergency Management
  Weed Control
Day care facilities
Federal offices;
  Farm Service Agency
  Post Office
  Natural Resources Conservation Services
Fertilizer plant
Funeral home
Gas stations
Hardware store
Home health care
Ice cream shop
Insurance agents
K-12 public school
Liquor store
Low income housing
Medical clinic
Operating railroad
Pharmacy Delivery
Private preschool
Public library
Real estate offices
Restaurants and bars
Swimming pool
Trucking firms
Video rental stores